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Video Production
My expertise has focused on telling the stories of people in places far away from the North America to help humanitarian non-profit groups raise awarness and money in North America to continue their work overseas.

I specialise in low impact, solo video production in countries where it is often difficult for a crew to film such as: Zimbabwe, Bolivia, French Guiana, Paraguay, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Nicaragua, Afghanistan and more...

2015-Current: Producer Director Active Video in Seattle
2010-14: Producer Director MCC South East Asia
2007-10: Producer Director Active Video
1998-07: Producer Director Videodiscovery (sold to Discovery Education)
1994-97: International Video Producer MCC

For more information click on Active Video or Michael Bade Youtube Channel.

Original Songs
"I always loved music and song writing. Like so many musicians my dream was to have a song or two be popular on alternative radio but that was not to be... But I was successful as a local musician and film score composer for quite a while. "

I still do perform for mostly small audiences and enjoy playing with others and in my home studio.

Here are some Original Songs . You are free to download them. To use commercially please ask permission. Michael Bade is represented by BMI.





Film and Video Music
"My introduction to recording was right out of college being asked to write music for an independent film.

It never saw the light of day but led to film scores for more than 50 projects from commercials to Television specials using synthesizers, guitars and other studio musicians at times.

It gave me the chance to get paid to write hundreds of short pieces from a few seconds to several minutes long that have been aired on PBS and some all over the globe."

Click here to find Film/Video Musicsamples to listen to. You are free to download them. To use commercially please ask permission. Michael is represented by BMI for film and television royalty payments.


My buddy and I naively bought an old derelict commercial fishing boat when we were in college in Seattle. We taught themselves to commercial fish the hard way, alone on the sea, with a great deal of trial and error, at times barely keeping the boat afloat. Chronicled here are highlights of the sheer adventure, fun, mistakes, hard work and dangers that they experienced fishing Puget Sound in those years. Learning how to fish was a wonderful and scary adventure. It also a historical account about what it was like to commercial fish in the 1970Ős when Judge Boldt called in federal agents to arrest fishermen. "How to Fish Without Being Caught." Is available for download for hard copy on download at

You can read Michael's blog entries from Cambodia and Southeast Asia Michaelbade.wordpress or Golfing in Cambodia