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Short Bio of Michael Bade

A disclaimer

: Bio's are wonderful things that highlight ones accomplishments and never mention ones failures or struggles. They don't mention luck plays a factor, how colleagues can help or hurt the process so much or how some projects were riddled with obsticals to overcome. Bios instantly turn days and years of work and struggle into one line successes. I read my bio or anyone elses and am envious of this person who has had just skated through life life doing creative things. But in reality most of us have our share of joy but also uncertaintly, pain, and sorrow. I just hope I can continue to do be involved in at least some meaningful work all my life.


I got my start in music in high school finding a nitch as a singer song writer. Then in college I performed locally and after graduating got my first real music gig doing film score writing. After owning a recording studio, teaching music, performing, writing background music for Public Television and more, it was apparent that I couldn't do music full time at least like I was doing, and still provide for a family. Because of all my experience in and around video production I was given a chance to produce videos.

The years 1994-1997 I was given the position of Director of International Video production for MCC, a relief and development organization with an annual budget of over $50 million, were I produced over twenty videos in worldwide locations, and won six film awards, including the Golden Cine Award for a childrens drama.

For the last over twenty years I have been privileged to develop award-winning educational multimedia first through MCC then as Vice President of Product Development at Videodiscovery in Seattle, a leading science education company. My job has included: producing, writing and directing dramatic video production, creation of CDROMs, Flash Animations (remember those?) and online curriculum. The subjects have included dental education for low income clinics, dramatic and documentary videos on aging, and numerous health and environmental projects funded by the National Institutes of Health. One year I shot and directing over 200 dramatic video pieces with professional actors and children ranging from 6 to 18 years old for an interactive product called Health eTracks. One of the highlights was when the Executive Director of the National Institutes of Health presented my teams work to the United States Congress as an example of the excellent work NIH is doing with itís educational dollars.

In 2004 and 2005 I was performing in the large Peace rallies in the Seattle area and at the National kick off of "Take Back Your Time Day," featured in TIME and Newsweek magazines. As a member of Reunion Vocal Band I play occasionally on the east coast. But my music is really passionate a hobby now as I retire from full time work. My latest experiment are a loose mixture of folk, blues,and rock and techo or whatever you want to call it. While the lyrics focus on experiences with friends dying, war, conflict resolution, hope and spirituality. Here's hoping for a few more years of playing and sharing music.