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2017-2020 Music/Songs

Music Has Guided Me On c 2020 Michael Bade

Phnom Penh Lights c 2020 Michael Bade

Bai Tu Long Bay c 2020 Michael Bade

Drifting By c 2019 Michael Bade

We Three Kings for 2 Ukuleles c 2019 Michael Bade

There's a Storm Rising Ahead c 2017 Michael Bade

Bob's Song c 2017 Michael Bade

Jubilee c 2018 Michael Bade

Original Basement Recordings 1997
With Dean Cleamor, Steve Walker, Jerry Lehman and myself around a few mics.

Soul of a Man A Blind Willie Johnson Classic

Will You Lead Me A Search for Meaning

Planet of the Clowns A Bruce Cockburn Orginal

I said the Wrong Thing...Again A Lovers Lament

Boy in Trouble A Parents Lament

Take Me Up to the Mountain Missing the Northwest

Could it Be An Easter Song

Angels Watching Over Me A lullaby for children

There is Healing Going On The world is a mess. But...

Anyones Son Will Do Marine Boot Camp

Studio Recordings early 1990's

Grey Waves A love song with a big pop sound.

Lighten Up A call for peace in a Reggae song.

Hanging on the Edge An angry song about love and life.

Sanctuary A song about migration from Nicaragua to the U.S.

All Life Seems to Rock and Roll Hang on to your seats for a Dewey Marler Sax solo.

Babe when I'm with you A love song with a twist of Seattle.

Recorded in Seattle; Produced by Danny Deardorf; Sax by Dewey Marler; Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Programming by Michael Bade